Chicago Experiential Trip

December 5th to 7th, 2016

Thank you to the 25 Detroit educators who joined us for the Chicago Experiential trip in December of 2016. We enjoyed a collaborative and engaging experience of school tours to some of the top performing charter schools in the city:

Chicago International Charter School West Belden
West Belden balances personalized learning strategies including flexible learning environments, learner profiles, personalized learning plans, competency-based progression, and technology-enhanced instruction with strong curricular approaches to encourage students' success and growth.  West Belden works with families prior to kindergarten to ensure readiness and prioritizes parent and community partnerships.  Our key takeaways from this school were:  

  • Focus on recruitment and retention of teachers
  • Evidence of Schools Core Commitments 
  • Examples of personalized learning

Namaste Charter 
Namaste Charter School focuses on health, wellness and a peaceful environment. The school has a very specific, well-developed model, that is clearly articulated to parents. There is a deliberate emphasis on daily physical activity and whole child development. The school provides a parental training and access to healthcare. Our key takeaways from this school were:  

  • Positive processes to manage student behavior 
  • Innovative ways the school is meeting parent needs through engagement opportunities
  • Focus on health and wellness 

Intrinsic Schools 
Intrinsic provides personalized 1:1 blended learning experiences to each of their 6-12 students. Each student works independently, in project based learning, and experiential learning. Teachers are encouraged to be a large part of the design and structure of the school, and provide ongoing feedback on improvement.  They receive at least 3 hours of PD training together a week. Our key takeaways from this school were:

  • Innovative use of space and technology
  • Teacher observation and development process
  • Individualized learning for students

Academy for Global Citizenship
ACG places an emphasis on the total growth of the developing child by addressing social, physical, linguistic, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development. ACG uses an inquiry-based curriculum in a setting focused on sustainability, responsibility, and international awareness. Our key takeaways from this school were:

  • Project based learning
  • Social justice programming
  • Teacher recruitment and training strategies

Muchin College Prep 
Noble manages 9 of the top 11 open enrollment schools in Chicago. The focus on college readiness, counseling and preparation are among the most prominent in the city. Noble also has a well-developed program that assists students once they are in college.  Noble is focused on serving under privileged students and getting them to and through college. INC recommended this campus out of the 9 schools.  Our key takeaways from this school were:

  • Senior college counseling program
  • Focus on community service requirements for students
  • Parent engagement strategies

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