Looking to gain access to decision-makers in schools? It can be difficult to reach the right person in a school who has the authority in choosing a new product or service. This person is not always the school principal, but for some schools, it is the business manager, CFO, HR Director or Marketing Exec who is empowered with the responsibility of managing partnerships with external associates.

The Innovators in Education Symposium offers the perfect opportunity to create lasting relationships with those who have the decision-making power in schools. This unique event focuses on expanding the capacity of business-operation professionals and academic leaders who work in schools. This event will allow your business the opportunity to high exposure in an intimate environment with limited competing providers.

Whether you are looking for face-to-face exposure or the opportunity to make a name for your business through sponsorship that will utilize signage to help support your brand, these events provide a unique opportunity with limited availability! 


The Innovators in Education Symposium attendees represent a cross-section of public, private, charter and parochial schools. We market heavily to charter schools, as they are the innovation warehouses intended to experiment and change the platform of education.

Our goals include working with Michigan’s community of chartered and traditional public schools to challenge the status quo and raise expectations for quality education. We aim to collaborate with others on efforts to lead high-quality education for every child in our state.

As reform takes place across the state, a growing trend is in allowing for greater autonomy in decision-making at the school level. Recognizing the value that comes from building relationships, setting expectations and having a shared vision with a provider, schools are seeking out providers that understand their needs!

45% Leadership (i.e. Director, Principal, CEO, Superintendent, etc.)
25%  Education Management Company and Authorizer Representatives
30% Instruction (i.e. PLC leader, Mentor Teacher, Curriculum Director, etc.)